Home Offices Can Improve Your Productivity


Working from home just made the home office a priority for so many of us. With endless distractions, it’s hard to find the motivation to work at home. We bet you won’t mind “heading to the office” if you plan your space well.  Think good lighting and/or plenty of sunlight, soothing colors, uncluttered surfaces and comfortable furniture. Whether you have a whole room or a small corner, inspire yourself using some creative tips.


Work Surfaces that Work


  • Give yourself enough surface area to spread out.
  • If a traditional desk is too small, tables come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. New or used, find a style that suits you and your space.
  • If space is tight, consider a drop leaf table or check out this easy-to-build drop down wall desk.
  • Working on a glass surface creates an open, airy mood—room for creative thinking.

Add Functional Elements


  • Bookcases aren’t just for books anymore.
  • Add bins and baskets, jars and vases. New or vintage. Or find those pretty fabric storage boxes to organize everything.
  • Printer that has no place to go? Put it on a shelf.
  • Repurpose your bookcase with a few doors and drawers to store what needs attention tomorrow.
  • Those outdated, monster TV armoires aren’t good for holding our flat screen TV’s anymore. But, they have amazing storage inside. So paint them fun colors, add some funky knobs or pulls and you’ll have an all-in-one office that can be located anywhere.


Time to Get Personal


  • Decorate!  A crystal chandelier adds elegance to your work day. A modern floor lamp chases any darkness away. Try LED color changing light bulbs to match whatever mood you bring to the office that day.
  • Artwork that moves you will also motivate you.
  • Let your floor covering inspire you with color and pattern that speaks to your sense of style.
  • Find a chair that fits you like a glove. Soft, firm, high back, low back, no back. Try them on because you’ll be wearing them for many hours.


Planning with your own style and personality will make you want to “roll up your sleeves” and get to work in your home office. And, you’ll reflect that personal style to your colleagues and business partners during all those zoom meetings!



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