To Our Customers and Consignors


Like many of you, we’re asking ourselves “What can we do?” First, we can practice safe measures for ourselves, our families and our communities. Secondly, we can be grateful. Grateful for the brave first responders, doctors, nurses, delivery people, food workers, truckers and all essential workers who are the warriors on the front lines, literally risking their lives to combat this war.


It’s time to express gratitude for what we have and continue to hold. At Sequels, we’re grateful for our consignors and our customers who have helped us grow for the last 5 years. Here's our news from home:


  • We were, and still are, planning a large expansion to an additional location in a 15,000 square foot showroom near Rochester. (See above photo.) This is something that keeps us looking forward to continuing our service to you for years to come. We’ll keep you updated on that.
  • As we work from home, we’re excited to announce that very soon we’re converting our website to an e-commerce website. Right now most of our current inventory is pictured on our website. But with the new website, people will be able to purchase and arrange for delivery. That means we will be showcasing products online to the greater Western New York area. And for consignors, your items will have greater visibility in Rochester and beyond. More on our new plans shortly.
  • Right now, we’re all learning a new meaning about the comforts of home. So we’ve been thinking. Why not work with customers online or on the phone? If you’re looking for an antidote to cabin fever, try Refresh—a brainstorming session with one of our Sequels design associates.  Call us at (585) 935-7297 for an online video appointment or simply email/text photos of your room ( and talk through your ideas with one of us. If you were planning a room re-design, or looking to replace one or two pieces of furniture/accessories, our design staff is looking forward to talking with you about some creative possibilities. Our service is free.
  • As for consignment pickups, right now we're scheduling pickups for April 30 and beyond, depending on the situation and government guidelines. Call us if you have things you want to consign and would like to schedule a pickup.
  • While all furniture we consign is evaluated and refreshed before it goes out on the floor, we’re adding a higher level of care. We’re contracting with a home cleaning service to put everything we consign through a professional cleaning process, prior to displaying on our showroom floor.


It’s been rewarding to step back and think more deeply about our wonderful business. These are some of the thoughts we’ve had and our dreams for the future. Hope you’ll come along with us for the ride.


Stay safe and keep in touch.


Kindest regards,


Stephanie, Don, Sue, Beth, Jeff, Daniel, Karin and Sam
Sequels Home Furnishings
(585) 935-7297