Maybe you’ve never even considered consignment shopping. If not, why not see if it might work for you? When choosing a furniture consignment store, pick a reliable store with high standards. After all, the ambiance and comfort of your home are at stake here. Choose a store you trust to help you make the right choices. 


Asking questions will help you decide if consignment shopping is the right fit for you. Here are some questions to help make your experience a good one.


1. What styles of furniture and accessories do you carry? 

Think about your own personal style. Do you like modern, eclectic, rustic, traditional or antique style? Ask your furniture consignment store what styles they offer. Ask if they carry all used furniture or do they offer overstock or floor samples?


2. Do you have a design expert who can help me decide what would fit my particular space?

Not sure what style you’re looking for? Ask if the consignment store has a design specialist who can discuss your space, look at your photos, and help you choose some options.


3. How does one brand of furniture compare to another brand? 

Even more important when buying preowned furniture, is discussing different furniture brands with your dealer. The cost and quality of construction will depend on whether a brand is in the good, better or best category.


4. When choosing between leather furniture and fabric-covered, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Your furniture consignment specialist should be able to tell you about the features, durability, cleanability, functionality, and other aspects of the furniture to help you make an informed choice.


5. Where did this “gently-used” furniture come from? 

Find a consignment store that will tell you what they know about the piece you’re considering. For example, you might want to know the age, where it was originally purchased, or whether it came from a smoking or pet home.


6. What’s the best way to clean and prolong the life of this furniture?

To keep your furniture in great condition, regular cleaning is important. Ask your dealer what cleaning methods and products you should use to take care of your furniture. Ask them what they use to refresh items before they go on the display floor.


7. Will this style fit in with what I currently have in my room?

A design specialist will be able to give you an expert opinion about whether the furniture or accessories you like will complement your room.


8. Where is this furniture made? 

Furniture is made in many countries around the world. Ask where items were made, what types of woods and other materials are used, and about the construction quality.


9. Do you offer after-sale services?

Find a furniture consignment store that offers services such as delivery and set up. Ask how they stand behind their furniture and what the return policy is.


10. Is your company environmentally responsible?

Do they offer sustainable or repurposed pieces? Are cleaning methods and materials environmentally friendly?


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