In case you haven’t noticed, almost every second TV ad is promoting a sale on new furniture. When you’re shopping for furniture, remember three words: floor samples, overstock, returns. These are essentially names for new furniture that could save you even more than the first-of-the-year sales at traditional furniture stores. If you choose your floor samples from Sequels Home Furnishings, you’ll be buying great quality furniture at remarkable discounts.


What are floor samples, overstock and returns?


Furniture floor samples are pieces that were on display at a furniture store or a manufacturer’s showroom, in High Point, NC, for example. They may be last season’s style or color, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are out of style. Overstock means a furniture store buyer ordered too many of one type of furniture or too many of one color versus another. Or a manufacturer incorrectly predicted how many pieces of furniture to produce. Returns are just that. Items returned by customers. Maybe it was the wrong color or size or the customer simply changed her mind. Returns might have slight imperfections in the wood or the finish. Furniture returns are common when people order online because it’s difficult to know exactly what will land at the front door.


Added to its huge inventory of gently-used consignment items, Sequels, carries all types of floor samples, overstock, and returns from high-quality manufacturers. These products are barely used and are guaranteed to help you save money compared to traditional retailers. Plus, Sequels refreshes all the pieces displayed in its showroom —fixing any nicks or dings, smoothing out finishes or repairing any missing or damaged parts.


Floor samples include dining tables, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, beds, nightstands, and many more specialty items that you won’t find elsewhere. Find furnishings from top designers and manufacturers like Ethan Allen, Hooker, Natuzzi, and other brand names you know and trust.


Whether you’re looking for a single piece or an entire room, you’ll find the latest designs for a fraction of the original cost when you buy floor samples. That means prices ranging from 50% to 70% off original retail prices...every day of the year.


If you can’t find the exact piece you’re looking for at Sequels, no worries. New floor samples arrive every two weeks in both stores at 5 Railroad Street or 100 Rawson Rd, Victor, NY. Or, sign up online at Sequels products page to tell us what you need. We’ll keep an eye out to find what you need when we’re on our buying trips up and down the East coast.


Or, reach out by phone to Sequels Home Furnishings at (585) 935-7297 for our main store or (585) 398-8456 for our warehouse showroom. We are the largest home décor and furniture consignment retailer in Rochester, NY. We offer furniture and accessories, ideas, and products for creating an individual and environmentally responsible decorating style. We revive, reinvent, and refresh consignment furniture to give it a new home and a second life.