Decorate Your Dining Area on a Budget

Whether you have a separate dining room or an open concept eating area, your gathering space should be a place for family, friends, fine food and great conversations…a place where everyone feels comfortable.


However, decorating that space doesn’t have to break the budget. If your dining area needs an update, Sequels Home Furnishings has a few decorating tips minus the hefty price tag.


Is Your Dining Set Talking to You?

If your table and chairs are tired and worn, you have plenty of options. Can you paint part or all of your table and chairs? Consider a two-tone look—leave the tops a beautiful stained wood and paint the table base and chair legs. If you have upholstered seats, changing the fabric can completely change the look of your space. You’ll find easy instructions for covering seats online. If your chair seats are wood, consider adding a ready-made cushion on top for added comfort and a whole new look. OK, so maybe your table is beyond the point of no return. There are so many beautiful dining tables available now and many of them are well under $1000. So check out a consignment shop like Sequels Home Furnishings. If your old set is in good condition, Sequels might even sell it for you, giving you some extra cash toward a new set.


What Do Your Walls Say About You?

If the wall paint is faded behind your artwork, it’s definitely time for a change…for both your artwork and your wall color. If you love the art, try new matting and framing to bring new life. Maybe your wall can house a whole grouping of artwork. Check Pinterest for some ideas on mounting different photos and artwork together. Size, placement and subject matter are keys to successful groupings. Maybe your artwork is the view outside your window. Frame your windows with just the right drapery treatment to let the view inspire you and your guests. Consignment stores have amazing choices when it comes to art. But don’t let the choices overwhelm you. Choose whatever subject draws you in. That’s how your room becomes a reflection of you!


RePurpose Something You Already Own

Are there other pieces you could repurpose for your dining room? There are endless ideas online for taking an old TV armoire and converting it into a convenient dry bar with plenty of storage for glassware. Maybe you have an interesting bench that can work for seating. Consignment or antique shops might have an unusual piece that could become a focal point for your room. At Sequels Home Furnishings, for example, there’s an Italian wine press from the 1800s that moves up and down on large wooden screws. With its thick, beautifully aged wood, the piece would make a one-of-a-kind bar…a conversation starter indeed.


Get Designer Inspiration

Bring your dining room wish list with room photos, measurements, colors and/or fabric swatches to Sequels. Our design specialists will work with you to help make your room a special place for your family gatherings. Email us at


For more decorating ideas in Rochester, New York, and the surrounding areas, or for more information about our two home décor and consignment furniture showrooms in Rochester, New York, reach out to Sequels Home Furnishingsby clicking here.



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