Decisions About Buying Furniture


Shopping for furniture and accessories to make your house a home can come with some challenges.  How you navigate the dizzying array of options when buying big ticket items in today’s global furniture marketplace can be the difference between enjoying the experience or dreading the chore.  


Does the price match the value?


The right price means finding the best value.  That’s the challenge.  There is simply no better way to meet that challenge than to shop consignment where the very best in furniture quality can be found at a fraction of its original retail price.  We all know the term “suggested retail price” is sometimes inflated, so retailers are able to reduce prices during a sale. At a consignment shop, prices generally are even below those sale prices. Quality furniture has a life beyond one time use.  It can last a generation and beyond.  Dollar for dollar, you can’t beat the price of quality on a piece of furniture that’s already been tested for you, and has withstood the test of time


Too Many Choices


We all want choices; we’ve grown up with them and we expect them. We’re also frozen in place by too many choices.  That sofa comes in 8 different configurations, 4 leg style choices, 3 different finishes, 2 different cushion constructions, and 132 different fabrics.  Help!!  The better consignment galleries offer a few of the best options with choices already selected. A carefully curated range of furniture pieces has been pre-selected for quality, style and value, helping make your final choice just a bit easier and a lot more fun.


Buying Used Versus New


Forget choice and set aside value. If you want the best price in furniture you simply won’t beat the price you’ll pay for a gently used piece of furniture. In consignment galleries like SEQUELS gently used is often indistinguishable from new because furniture is cleaned, refreshed and resurfaced, if needed. 


Do we know what we’re about to purchase will actually work as promised? Nobody thinks of buying furniture that’s already been tested; why not? Buying a gently used car or well-used older home is often the only choice for discriminating buyers; the bugs have been worked out, the repairs made, the proof is in the performance. Why not buy tested, renewed furniture. Everything at SEQUELS has already been tried and tested for comfort, durability, and lasting performance. You’ll know it works, because it’s worked before.



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