1. What styles of furniture and accessories do you carry? Traditional, modern, antiques?
  2. Do you have a design expert who can help me decide what would fit into my particular space?
  3. How does one brand of furniture compare to another brand? Where does it fit in terms of cost and quality of construction?
  4. When choosing between leather furniture and fabric covered, what are the advantages and disadvantages?  
  5. Where did this “gently-used” furniture come from? Did the household have pets or smokers? How old is it?
  6. What’s the best way to clean and prolong the life of this furniture piece?
  7. Will this style fit in with what I currently have in my living room…bedroom…dining room?
  8. Where is this furniture made? USA? China? Vietnam?  What are the differences? Does it matter where they are made and why?
  9. Do you offer delivery, set up, and do you stand behind your furniture?
  10. Is your company environmentally responsible?